Corporate | Entertainment | Tax | Litigation

Corporate Law

Entity Formation
Bylaws & Operating Agreements
Labor & Employment

Whether you are looking at forming a new entity or need a corporate lawyer for labor and employment, our corporate lawyers will work closely with your corporation to navigate the halls of corporate law and ensure that you have the documents you need for your business.

IP & Entertainment Law

Trademark & Copyright
Georgia Film Tax Credit & Credit Exchange
Contracts & Consulting

When it is time to start thinking about your intellectual property, contracts and consulting, or if you need an IP & entertainment attorney for your trademark, call VinceLegal. We work with artists and industry professionals of all ranges and are ready to work with you.

Tax Law

Filing Taxes
Tax Issues - Collection & Audit
Tax Planning
International Tax Services

No two businesses are alike and neither are their tax law needs. Our tax attorneys take the pressure off of you when traversing the rules of tax law. You do your business and our tax attorneys will take care of the tax laws, rules, and regulations for you.


Wills & Trusts
Probate & Estates
Probate & Administration

The attorneys at VinceLegal is here to help you with all litigation matters, especially when it comes to wills and trusts. Being two of the most important documents you’ll need, our team will help in drafting these documents to protect you and your family for years to come.